Atelier van Berlo is a Rotterdam based practice, which designs spaces, buildings and things. Our fascination lies in the creation of places that move people. To make an experience that goes beyond functionality, technicality or aesthetics. The goal is to create something that is not merely to be to be seen but to be sensed. Therefore the design process can only ben an holistic one, where function,  perception and material qualities and technical detailing are all integrated, to come from concept to an actual physical existence. In this process, materials with their specific qualities and the actual making off, play an essential role. 



Member-S Mag - VanBerlo & Strijp-T -  07-2017 - E9

ED - De Nieuwe energie van Powerhouse - 20.04.2017

Studio040-  Energie centrale wordt  nieuwe plek voor creatieve maakindustrie - 20.04.2017 -    http://www.studio040.nl/nieuws/41445-energiecentrale-wordt-d-plek-voor-creatieve-maakindustrie.html

ED - Strijp-T, van Steenkool naar Design - 09.11.2016

DDW - The promise of the office - Exhibition of the design during the Dutch Design -  10.2016

Stylos Yearbook - Sense and Sensibility - 2015



Janne van Berlo
Veerle Rigter
Tiemen Anema
Eline Degenaar